Stupid Chickens 2: Trip to space

 A whole new sequel is going to be made! be tuned because there are massive changes and adds to the original game Stupid Chickens 1! There are going to be more chickens more blocks &  achievements & etc... 

Coming soon! be tuned!

Stupid Chickens

Help Soldier Sam to kill the chickens by his gun through levels until you reach the boss level so you can terminate that carnivorous chicken and save mankind.

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 Veggies Saga

Game inspiration from "Papa Pear Saga", Try to bounce the ball and put the veggies inside the basket, once you put them all in the basket and you got zero balls, you move to the next level. The more level you pass the harder it get till you reach the boss level.

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Addictive simple game. You're the snake and you need to get the apples and avoid the purple dots. It's like the classical game but better. Despite of it's graphic, that is why called simple. Please play it then judge it.

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