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About Us

Hi! My name is Naji Kadri and I'm a 14 years-old game developer. I create small video games for computer and  someday building  games for android phones. Please show me your support by playing my games.

Contact me here.

Our Work

I have begun developing games since 2012 and I have now two years experience. From time to time I work on simple games . Till Now all our games are free to play,  If you like our games please tell your friends and family.

Job Offers

I'm now only one developer , and I'm making free games, I'm searching for volunteers to work with me  I need the following:
- Game artist
- Sound designer
- Marketing Manager
- Co-Game Designer

Join Us

Whether you are gamer or game developer, young and adults, I hope you join our community by making this games better. My fans are my inspiration.